Two civilians killed and others wounded in attacks by ISIS terrorists in the Zwaina area in Hama countryside

Hama (ST): Two civilians were killed, and several others were injured and kidnapped  in an initial outcome as ISIS terrorists attacked them while they were collecting truffles near Twizin Dam in the vicinity of Al Zwaina, about 80 km east of Salamiyah, and a group of residents of Al-Sa'an town in the eastern countryside of Hama.

A medical source at Salamiyah Hospital spoke about the arrival of the body of a martyr and a number of wounded to the hospital from the Zwaina area, where medical personnel took all necessary measures to provide first aid and treatment and ensure medical care for them.

Meanwhile, a field source said that ISIS terrorists kidnapped dozens of citizens this afternoon, pointing out that the remnants of the takfiri organization scattered in the region made ambushes for the people while they were collecting truffles, their only source of livelihood in these times of the year, where they go during harvesting to remote areas away from the Syrian Arab Army’s points and  this exposes them to the danger of ambushes by the remnants of the terrorist organization.

The source pointed out that the security authorities had previously warned the people of the consequences of approaching the remote areas in the Badia where ISIS remnants are hiding.

The field source confirmed that the Syrian Arab Army units are continuing combing operations in these areas in order to secure them in preparation for the return of the people to them.

In the town of Al-Sa'an, a civilian was killed, and several others were injured and kidnapped in an attack by "ISIS" terrorists on a group of townspeople while they were also collecting truffles.