Two people are injured in the explosion of an explosive device in the occupied city of Afrin in the countryside of Aleppo

On September 23rd, two people were injured when an explosive device exploded in a car in the Turkey-occupied city of Afrin in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo.

Local sources said that an explosive device exploded this morning in a car that was parked in the Ashrafieh neighborhood in Afrin city, injuring two people and causing material damage in the place.

The sources pointed out that groups of terrorists in four-wheel drive vehicles cordoned off the neighborhood and raided some buildings and shops in the vicinity of the explosion.


A state of security chaos prevails in the areas occupied by the forces of the Turkish regime and its terrorist mercenaries, where bombings, assassinations, and fighting between these mercenaries as a result of differences among them are witnessing.

Yesterday, an explosive device was exploded in the garages of Ras Al-Ain city in Al-Hasakah countryside led to material damage.


O. al-Mohammad