Deir Ezzour: Re farming agricultural lands in areas liberated from terrorism to production

Deir Ezzour: The Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Eng. Muhammad Hassan Qatna, was briefed during a field tour to Deir Ezzour governorate about the areas planted with strategic crops, and the problems and difficulties that the agricultural process suffers in general, in addition to the reality of livestock in the governorate. 

Minister Qatna's tour included a visit to the field school, the food processing center in the Al-Baghilia neighborhood, the adoption center for fodder, and a meeting with a number of sheep breeders and farmers in the cotton and cornfields, in addition to holding an expanded meeting for the agricultural council in the governorate.

The farmers’ demands focused on securing production requirements such as fertilizers and fuels, securing irrigation water and electric motors to draw irrigation water from the Euphrates River, helping in insect control, treating cotton seed germination rates, establishing a corn dryer in the governorate, and increasing the allocations of rationed fodder in light of the scarcity of pastures.

Qatna explained that the ministry is working to return agricultural lands in the areas liberated from terrorism to the production process and to include it in the agricultural plan and to provide support and production requirements to farmers in those areas to help them continue and settle in their villages and lands, pointing out that all production requirements have been secured. 

Qatna indicated that the support for the prices of production requirements will be around 15 percent of their market price.

The Minister of Agriculture noted that the available quantities of fuel are secured to irrigate these crops in cooperation with the fuel committee in the governorate, indicating that all expenses incurred by the farmer will be noted during the setting of crop prices.