An armed member of the (SDF) militia killed by gunfire in Deir Ezzour countryside

Deir Ezzour (ST): A gunman from the “SDF” militia backed by the American occupation forces was shot dead in the city of Al-Busaira in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzour.

Local sources said that "popular factions directly fired at one of the SDF militiamen near the park in the city of Al-Busaira, east of Deir Ezzour, killing him instantly."

Attacks continue on the movements and locations of the SDF militiamen within their areas of deployment in the Syrian Jazira due to their terrorist practices and theft of national wealth in cooperation with the American occupation forces and depriving the people of them, as dozens of them were killed and injured during the past weeks in the areas occupied by the militia in the Syrian Jazira.