Arab, tribes and clans in Hasakah condemn attacks by US-backed SDF militia on civilians

Arab tribes and clans in the Syrian province of Hasakah have condemned the blatant violations of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia against the locals.

 In a statement, the “Tai” Arab tribe condemned the unacceptable and immoral use of military force by the SF militia against the unarmed locals in the villages affiliated to Tal Brak area in Hasakah northern countryside who tried to repel the militia’s attacks on public properties.

“The tribe of Tai declares its full support for the clans in Tal Brak in their confrontation of those who attacked public properties which belong to the people and whose protection is a national and moral duty,” the statement said.

It warned the SDF militia against such provocative acts which could lead to dangerous consequences on the entire region.

 Another Arab tribe called “Al-Sada Al-Ma’amera Al-Ashraf” also condemned the crime committed by the SDF gangs against members of “Al-Boukhattab” clan in Tal Brak area who confronted the SDF militia’s policy of armed robbery and brutality to terrorize the people of the Syrian Al-Jazira region.

The statement hailed the steadfastness of Al-Boukhattab clan’s members in the face of the militants’ crimes, reiterating that popular resistance is the only way to preserve the homeland dignity.

Earlier, the SDF militants opened fire on the unarmed locals in the villages affiliated to Tal Brak area in Hasakah countryside who tried to prevent the militants from stealing the electric transformer which feeds these villages and the surrounding residential neighborhoods. The attack led to the martyrdom of a civilian and the wounding of 16 others.

Hamda Mustafa