Turkish occupation sends reinforcements to terrorists in Idlib

Over the past weeks, the Turkish occupation has intensified its military and logistic support for the terrorist organizations in the Syrian city of Idlib and its countryside.

 During the past hours, the Turkish occupation brought in a convoy of tens of trucks, tankers and armored personnel carriers in addition to a quantity of weapons to the terrorist organizations in the areas adjacent to the liberated villages in the southern and southwestern countryside of Idlib.

According to local sources, a convoy of 35 vehicles, including tankers and trucks carrying military equipment, weapons, logistic materials and fuel entered areas in Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idleb southern countryside vial Kafrlucin village in Idlib northern countryside near the border with Turkey.

The convoy was accompanied by 13 armored personnel carriers affiliated to the Turkish occupation.

 The source pointed out that since the beginning of this month the Turkish occupation forces have brought in dozens of tanks and personnel carriers to areas in Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idlib and to areas in Aleppo western countryside in order to support the terrorist organizations there and enhance their ability to impede the Syrian Arab Army’s progress in its battle to liberate Idlib from terrorism.

Hamda Mustafa