Turkish occupation destroys civilian homes with artillery shelling, targeting 4 villages in Hasakah countryside

The Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries destroyed several houses and caused significant damage to infrastructure as a result of artillery shelling of a number of villages in the vicinity of Tal Tamer district in the northwestern countryside of Hasakah.

Local sources from Tal Tamr district told SANA that heavy artillery shelling was carried out by the Turkish occupation forces, in cooperation with their mercenaries of terrorists deployed along the border with Turkey, on the villages of Dardara, Tal Jum`a, Hamra and Tal Shanan in the northwestern countryside of the province. The bombing  caused the destruction of 3 houses and extensive damage to infrastructure.

The sources referred to the tragic situation in which the people of the region live as a result of the fear and panic caused by the almost daily bombing of their villages and agricultural fields.


Civilians in the areas of deployment of the American occupation forces, the SDF militia, the Turkish occupation forces and terrorist organizations suffer from continuous attacks, insecurity, targeting residential areas with missiles, kidnappings  and theft of property as well as the use of weapons to break up gatherings of people who reject these practices. Last Thursday, a civilian was martyred and 16 others were wounded in Tel Brak district in the northern countryside of Hasakah city, by gunmen of the SDF militia linked to the American occupation, while the townspeople tried to prevent them from stealing an electric transformer from the public electricity grid that feeds the town.


Inas Abdulkareem