The Syrian army begins patrolling the villages of Nassib, Umm Al-Mayathen and Al-Taybeh, southeast of Daraa

On October 10th, the Syrian Arab Army units entered the villages ofNassib, Umm Al-Mayathen and Al-Taybeh after completing the settlement of the situation and military service in implementation of the agreement.

Units from the army have started to patrol  and search for public roads leading to the villages  ofNassib, Umm Al-Mayathen and Al-Taybeh and clean explosive residues.

Over the past few weeks, units from the army enhanced their forces in  many towns and villages of the North-West Daraa in the Yarmouk area and the northern countryside areas which had made the settlement agreement in August and started work from Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in Daraa.


O. al-Mohammad