Settlement of status of gunmen and wanted persons in Sidon, Kahil and Al-Naima in Daraa

The process of settling the status of the gunmen, wanted persons and deserters from military service from the people of Saida,  Kahil and Al-Naima, east of Daraa, and handing over arms to the Syrian Arab Army began  today within the framework of the settlement agreement proposed by the state in Daraa governorate.

A SANA reporter in Daraa stated that “the competent authorities began the process of settling the status of a number of armed and wanted men from the towns of Saida, Kahil and Al-Naima, in the presence of a number of dignitaries. The settlement agreement has been put forward by the state to establish a state of security and stability, which contributes to speeding up the restoration of normal life to the entire southern region.

The process of settling the status of the militants and wanted people from the villages of Nassib, Umm Al-Mayathen and Al-Taybeh, and handing over dozens of military rifles to the army began during the past two days. Units of the Syrian Arab Army  patrolled the  area in order to preserve the lives of the people there, marking the full return of the work of service institutions and in appropriate conditions of security and stability.


Inas abdulkareem