UN: Water crisis in northeastern Syria affects 5 million people

On October 10thSpokesman for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Stephane Dujarric, stated that the ongoing water crisis in northeastern Syria affects five million people. 

Dujarric said that citizens in these areas were not able to access sufficient and safe water due to low levels, disruption of water networks, and a decrease in the operational capacity of its stations. 


Dujarric indicated that the United Nations, as a result of the water crisis, issued a plan that will be implemented over the next six months targeting about three million people who are most affected in those areas of northeastern Syria. 

The United Nations identified the needs to address the water crisis in northern and northeastern Syria at 251 million dollars, of which it received only 51 million. 

The suffering of the Syrian citizens continues in the areas of Al-Hasakah and its countryside and northeastern Syria as a result of the practices of the Turkish occupation forces and their shutdown of water stations, including the Allouk water station, which has been suspended 28 times since the occupation of Ras al-Ain city


Inas Abdulkareem