Rocket attack by terrorists on a village in Hama injuries a man in his 80s, causes material damage

Jabhat Al-Nusra-linked terrorist groups in Idlib on Saturday fired rockets on the village of Al-Baraka in the northwestern countryside of Hama, causing material damage to properties and infrastructure and injuring a man in his 80s.

A source at Hama Police Command told SANA that the wounded was transferred to Al-Sqelbiyyeh National Hospital for treatment.

On September 1st, a child was martyred and 7 civilians were wounded as a result of a rocket attack by the terrorist groups in Idlib on Jourin village in Hama northwestern countryside.

Turkish occupation sends reinforcements to terrorists in Idlib

Over the past weeks, the Turkish occupation has intensified its military and logistic support for the terrorist organizations in the Syrian city of Idlib and its countryside.

 During the past hours, the Turkish occupation brought in a convoy of tens of trucks, tankers and armored personnel carriers in addition to a quantity of weapons to the terrorist organizations in the areas adjacent to the liberated villages in the southern and southwestern countryside of Idlib.

According to local sources, a convoy of 35 vehicles, including tankers and trucks carrying military equipment, weapons, logistic materials and fuel entered areas in Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idleb southern countryside vial Kafrlucin village in Idlib northern countryside near the border with Turkey.

The convoy was accompanied by 13 armored personnel carriers affiliated to the Turkish occupation.

Sabbagh becomes Syria’s new non-resident ambassador to Nicaragua

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bassam Sabbagh has become Syria’s new non-resident ambassador plenipotentiary and extraordinary to Nicaragua.  

During an online ceremony on Friday, Sabbagh presented a copy of his credentials to Nicaragua’s Foreign Minister Denis Moncada Colindres.

Sabbagh conveyed President Bashar Al-Assad’s greetings to President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, affirming the deep-rooted friendship between two countries.

He stressed the two countries’ keenness on boosting cooperation in various fields, hailing coordination between Syria and Nicaragua at international forums in the confrontation the pressure put on the two sides.

Arab, tribes and clans in Hasakah condemn attacks by US-backed SDF militia on civilians

Arab tribes and clans in the Syrian province of Hasakah have condemned the blatant violations of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia against the locals.

 In a statement, the “Tai” Arab tribe condemned the unacceptable and immoral use of military force by the SF militia against the unarmed locals in the villages affiliated to Tal Brak area in Hasakah northern countryside who tried to repel the militia’s attacks on public properties.

“The tribe of Tai declares its full support for the clans in Tal Brak in their confrontation of those who attacked public properties which belong to the people and whose protection is a national and moral duty,” the statement said.

It warned the SDF militia against such provocative acts which could lead to dangerous consequences on the entire region.

Abdollahian: Iran will continue to strongly support Syria

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian and the accompanying delegation arrived on Saturday at Damascus International Airport on a visit to Syria.

Syria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal Al-Mikdad said after welcoming Abdollahian “the visit is very important. We will discuss the results of the talks held by minister Abdollahian during his visits to Russia and Lebanon, as well as other issues relating to the Iranian nuclear file.”

Al-Mikdad stressed in this regard that Syria supports the efforts being exerted by the Iranian leadership concerning Iran’s nuclear file and strongly condemns all the US attempts that aim at manipulating this file and other files in the region.

“There are also some developments that will be discussed in a high spirit of cooperation to serve the mutual interests of both countries,” Al-Mikdad pointed out. 

Russian MoD: 5 attacks by Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists were registered in Idlib’s de-escalation zone during the past 24 hours

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday that the terrorist organizations positioned in the de-escalation zone in Idlib carried out 5 attacks during the past 24 hours.

The Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim said in a statement that five attacks, launched from the areas where the Jabhat-Al-Nura-affiliated terrorists are positioned, were registered. Three of these attacks were registered in Idlib and the other two in Aleppo.

Last Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the terrorists in Idlib, in cooperation with the so-called “White Helmets” terror group, are planning to carry out a chemical attack on Kansafra and Qaddoura towns in Idlib countryside with the aim of accusing the Syrian Arab Army of using chemical weapons against citizens.

Ala at UNCTAD: War and sanctions imposed on Syria have impeded the country’s recovery and reconstruction efforts

Interference in the internal affairs of countries and threatening their legitimate political systems through supporting terrorism, imposing unilateral coercive measures, launching acts of aggression and occupying these countries and stealing their natural resources, poses a threat to multilateralism, violates the objectives of the UN Charter and threatens international peace and security as well as sustainable development efforts.

The remarks were part of a statement made by Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva Husam Eddin Ala during the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Ala said that the terrorist war and the coercive measures imposed on Syria over the past ten years have caused huge humanitarian suffering to the Syrian people and massively affected Syria's recovery and reconstruction efforts. They have also impeded the voluntary return of the Syrian refugees and prevented Syria from achieving the goals of the 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development.