6 soldiers wounded in Israeli missile attack on T4 airbase in Homs

Syrian military source has declared that the Israeli missile attack on the central region left 6 soldiers wounded and caused material damage. 

SDF kidnaps more than 100 civilians in Hasakeh countryside

Hasakeh (ST): To persist in its terrorist acts against the people and in retaliation for their protesting against its terrorist practices, the “SDF” militia linked to the American occupation launched a campaign of raids in the villages of Tel Brak countryside, northeast of Hasakeh, and kidnapped more than 100 civilians during the past hours after bringing in military reinforcements and American vehicles to besiege and close the area.

Local sources told news reporter that a large number of military vehicles belonging to the American occupation and vehicles belonging to the “SDF” militia have surrounded the villages of Tel Barak district, northeast of the governorate, since last night, and raided houses in the villages of Smeihan, Tal Al-Fars, and Al-Jas’ah, and kidnapped more than 100 civilians from the villagers and took them away to an unknown destination after it committed the most heinous acts against the people, including abuse, beatings and insults.

SDF kidnaps four young men in Hasakeh countryside

Hasakeh (ST): The “SDF” militia, backed by the US occupation forces, continued its terrorist practices against civilians within the areas it occupies, as it raided several villages this morning and kidnapped a number of young men in the Hasakeh countryside.

Local sources told news reporter that SDF militia carried out a campaign of raids that included the villages of Al-Jas’a and Tal Al-Faras in the Hasakeh countryside, and kidnapped 4 young men and took them to an unknown destination against the backdrop of the protests that took place yesterday in Tal Brak district in the northern countryside of Hasakeh.

The American occupation brings in trucks loaded with weapons to its bases in Hasakeh countryside

Hasakeh (ST): The American occupation forces brought in a convoy loaded with weapons, ammunition and logistical equipment coming from northern Iraq to their illegal military bases in the Hasakeh countryside.

Local sources from al-Qahtaniyah in the northeastern countryside of Hasakeh told news reporter that a convoy of 56 trucks and tankers carrying weapons, ammunition and logistical materials, and 8 new Hummer military vehicles, accompanied by a number of vehicles belonging to the “SDF” militia to protect them, is coming from northern Iraq through the illegal Al-Waleed crossing and went to the occupation bases in the areas where the SDF militia is deployed.”

Moscow: Al-Nusra terrorists are preparing to launch a chemical attack in Idleb countryside

Moscow(ST): The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Al-Nusra Front” terrorists deployed in the city of Idleb are planning to launch a chemical attack on the towns of Kansafra and Qadura in Idleb countryside, with the participation of the “White Helmets” terrorist organization, to accuse the Syrian Arab Army.

Deputy Head of the Russian Coordination Center, Admiral Vadim Kolet, indicated that the Russian Coordination Center received information from various sources about the readiness of the “Al-Nusra Front” terrorists to incite provocations using toxic materials in the southern part of the de-escalation zone in Idleb on the contact line in the areas of Kansafra and Qadura with the participation of the terrorist White Helmets organization and local media outlets affiliated with the terrorist organization and external parties associated with it.

Shabana: Syria must remain on the list of donors' priorities

Damascus (ST): The Regional Director of the United Nations Population Fund, Louay Shabana, stressed that Syria must remain on the list of donors' priorities, as the needs are great and the crisis in the country is not over yet.

During a press conference he held at the end of his visit to Syria, Shabana made it clear that Syria has not escaped the cycle of need despite the improvement in the situation, calling on donors who have provided generously to increase funding because the needs are great.

Shabana explained that the Fund's work in Syria is expanding due to the facilities provided by the government in the field of access to various population centers and the opening of offices for it in several places in the country, indicating that there has been a positive development from an operational point of view, which allowed access to other groups of needy people.

Demonstrations call for the expulsion of the SDF militia in Rmeilan, Hasakeh countryside

Hasakeh (ST): In protest against the terrorist practices of the “SDF militia”  backed by the American occupation against the people, mass demonstrations took place in several areas around the city of Rmeilan in the northeastern countryside of Hasakeh, during which the people condemned the militia and demanded its expulsion from their areas.

Local sources told news reporters that the residents of Al-Saeeda village in the eastern countryside of Rmeilan cut off the highway linking Rmeilan city and the oil fields with burned tires, in parallel with attacking militia headquarters and armed checkpoints and burning a number of them in the area.