Improving health situation in Douma as part of restoring normal life to it

Damascus Countryside - As part of the efforts exerted by the Syrian government to restore normal life to the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta after being cleared of terrorism, a medical team from Health Ministry provided vaccinations for children after being deprived of them as a result of the terrorists of “Jaish al-Islam” who confiscated medicines, vaccines and food and took civilians as human shields.

Speaking to SANA, families of Douma expressed great satisfaction with the return of safety to their city and all the villages and towns of Al-Ghouta, stressing that the terrorists deprived their children of the various vaccines and medicines which they monopolized in their dens and destroyed most of them before getting them out to Jarabulus.

Maintenance workshops working to provide Eastern Ghouta towns with electricity

Damascus countryside - The Electricity Ministry is working to carry out its emergency plan to deliver electricity to towns in Eastern Ghouta through ensuring backup power sources, alongside efforts to supply a sustained flow of electricity to the area.

Speaking to SANA, Khalid Abu al-Dahab, who supervises the electrical workshops in Saqba city said that work is underway to supply the electrical power to Ghouta via two projects, the first of which includes 88 medium voltage tower, running from the Jaramana transformation plant to the Saqba transformation station, expecting that the electricity power will be provided to some towns in Eastern Ghouta within a month.

Abu al-Dahab added that the second project will be an implementation of a line with 66 kilovolts capacity from Bab Sharqi transformation station, clarifying that a number of transformation stations will be allocated to kafar Batna,Saqba , Hamouriya, Ain Tarma , Jisreen and Hizzeh towns.

Widespread destruction in Raqqa bears witness to Coalitions’ barbarity

Raqqa - The tally from US-led Coalition’s strikes allegedly designed to eradicate Daesh (ISIS) from Raqqa city is estimated at hundreds of victims, tens of thousands of displaced persons and widespread destruction. As Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari put it during a UNSC’s session on to discuss situation in Qaqqa city, “the real achievements of the so-called Coalition have been killing hundreds of civilians using the most odious of weapons, including incendiary ones, the vast destruction of Syrian infrastructure and the total leveling of Raqqa city, all under the pretext of fighting Daesh.”

Two injured in terrorist sniper shooting on al-Fouaa and Kefraya

Idleb – Two civilians were injured due to a sniper shooting attack by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists on residential neighborhoods in the terrorist-besieged towns of Kefraya and al-Fouaa in Idleb countryside.

Civil sources told SANA that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists positioned in Ma’retmisreen, Binnish, and Kafarouma on Wednesday targeted with sniper fire the citizens’ houses in the towns of Kefraya and al-Fouaa, causing the injury of two civilians.

Under the patronage of President al-Assad, “Aleppo, the Beating of the Heart” event kicks off at Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo – Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, the cultural and national event “Aleppo, the Beating of the Heart” kicked off on Tuesday evening at Aleppo Citadel on occasion of the 72nd anniversary of Evacuation Day, Syria’s Independence Day.

Aleppo Citadel’s amphitheater thronged with crowds as the event was opened by the Syrian Arab Army and Internal Security Forces music band, and after that Amjad Allawi, a member of the Syrian Arab Army who lost his sight while fighting terrorism, talked about how he was injured and how he was determined to overcome it and continue living life to the fullest with the support of his mother and friends.

The event also included folk dance performances by the Circassian Ensemble, Carni Aleppo Folk Dance Ensemble, and Shushi Armenian Dance Ensemble, in addition to musical performances feayring traditional songs from Aleppo’s heritage, and an operatic performance by soprano Sumaya Hallaq and the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by maestro Missak Baghboudarian.

Foreign Ministry: Reconnaissance team from OPCW fact-finding mission entered Douma on Tuesday

Damascus – A source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Wednesday that a reconnaissance team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) fact-finding mission entered Douma city in Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday.

The source told SANA that a reconnaissance team from the OPCW fact-finding mission for investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma has entered on Tuesday at noon upon the request of the mission to assess the security situation to pave the way for the entry of the mission to Douma.

The fact-finding mission arrived in Syria after the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry asked the OPCW to send a team to investigate the claims about the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma.

“Jaish al-Islam” terrorists in al-Dmair continue to hand over weapons prior to leaving for Jarablos

Damascus Countryside – “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists in al-Dmair town in al-Qalamoun area in Damascus Countryside on Wednesday continued to hand over their heavy and medium weapons as part of the agreement reached with the Syrian state, SANA reported.

The agreement, which was reached on Tuesday, stipulates for the terrorists to leave the town to Jarablos and resolving the status of those who wish to remain, after handing over their weapons.