Anti-Syria Chemical Claims Boring, Unconvincing Narrative

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Claims about the use of chemical weapon in Syria have become a boring and unconvincing narrative except to the countries which participate in shedding the Syrians' blood through their support for terrorism in Syria, a source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Sunday.

"Every time the Syrian Arab army makes advances in the fight against terrorism, claims accusing the Syrian army of using chemical weapons in Syrian areas emerge to be used as a pretext to prolong the terrorists' existence in Douma, the source added.

Christian Denominations Who Follow Julain Calendar Celebrate Easter

DAMASCUS- Christian denominations in Syria, who follow Julain calendar, on Sunday celebrated Easter, the resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

Prayers and masses were performed at churches in celebration of Easter.

The Easter sermons emphasized the meaning of Easter in terms of peace and love and called for backing the Syrian Arab army in its fight against terrorism until final victory, SANA reported.

The sermons expressed their hope for the return of security and peace throughout Syria, especially that Easter coincides with the victories of the army in various areas where most of towns and villages of the Eastern Ghouta were liberated from terrorism.

Agreement Reached on Releasing all Abductees, Evacuating all "Jaish al-Islam" Terrorists from Douma to Jarablus

DAMASCUS, (ST)-An agreement has been reached to release all the abductees, held by terrorists of the so-called "Jaish al-Islam" terror group in Douma, and to evacuate all the terrorists from Douma to Jarablus in Aleppo countryside within the coming 48 hours, an official source said on Sunday.

SANA reporter said that the Syrian state has implemented its promise to liberate all the abductees held by terrorists in eastern Ghouta as well as the civilians who were used by terrorists as human shields.

The reporter added that after the agreement was announcement, tens of buses started to enter to enter al-Wafideen corridor to evacuate terrorists and get the abductees out of Douma.

Syrian army storms the front lines of “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists in Douma farms

Damascus - Units of the Syrian Arab army have stormed the front lines of “ Jaish al-Islam” terrorists in Douma farms after launching accurate strikes amid a state of collapse and chaos in the terrorists’ ranks,  SANA said.

Army units on Saturday retaliated to rocket shells attacks launched by terrorists of Jaish al-Islam, positioned in Douma in Eastern Ghouta, on residential neighborhoods in Damascus.

Official Source: Fake News about Using Chemical Weapons in Douma Aim at Hindering Army's Progress

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The media arms of the so-called "Jaish al-Islam" terror group are newly circulating fake reports about the use of chemical weapons in the terrorist-held city of Douma in order to blame the Syrian army for the act, an official source said on Saturday, stressing that such allegations are a failed attempt to hinder the progress of the Syrian army in its bid to liberate Douma from terrorists.    

The terrorists of "Jaish al-Islam" in Douma, their last stronghold in Eastern Ghouta, are living a state of collapse and defeat under the strikes of the Syrian Arab army, the source said.

Jaish al-Islam terrorists resume attacking Damascus, 8 martyred and 37 injured


Damascus – Jaish al-Islam terrorists resumed on Saturday targeting the residential neighborhoods of Damascus.

The number of injured civilians rose to 37, including women and children, while other eight civilians were martyred; including a child, not to mention the material damage to the houses, and private and public properties as a result of the terrorist attacks.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that the terrorists of Jaish al-Islam fired 3 shells on Saturday afternoon on the neighborhood of Mazzeh 68, injuring 5 civilians, some of them having sustained serious injuries.

NAM Foreign Ministers Condemn Terrorism Targeting Syria, Call for Israel's Immediate Withdrawal from Occupied Syrian Golan

BAKU, (ST)- Concluding their 18th meeting in Azerbaijan's capital Baku on Saturday, the Foreign Ministers of the Countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) condemned the terrorism targeting Syria and voiced their solidarity with the countries which have been suffering from terrorism.

 In the meeting's final document called "Baku Political Declaration", the ministers condemned all the crimes and inhuman acts comitted by Daesh (ISIS) and al-Qaeda terrorist organizations and by their affiliated terrorist entities in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries, noting that the impacts of this terrorist threat is not confined to these countries but it is being expanding to other countries of the world.