The Turkish occupation sends a convoy of military vehicles to the city of Ras al-Ain in Hasaka

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - The Turkish occupation forces have sent a convoy of military vehicles to Ras al-Ain in the northwestern countryside of Hasaka, which is  currently witnessing fighting between terrorist groups that supported by the Turkish occupation forces over stolen goods and the permissibility of people's houses after they displace them from the city.

Civil sources reported that a state of chaos is in the city of Ras Al-Ain as a result of fighting between thb e terrorists of the so-called "Sultan Murad" which are supported by Turkish occupation forces.

 The fighting expanded to include neighborhoods within the city, and as a result of it the Turkish occupation forces formed a convoy of 20 military vehicles, including armored vehicles brought from the villages of Daoudia, Aneeq al-Hawa, Tal Muhammad and other occupied villages, they sent them to the city of Ras al-Ain, according to civil sources itself.

The villages located in the areas of the Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries in Hasaka countryside are witnessing a state of chaos due to the fighting and rivalry between mercenary groups, while terrorists continue their violations against the people of the region through continuous arrests, theft and looting of private property, sabotage of infrastructure, attacks on citizens' houses, and expelling them with the aim of replacing them with the families of the terrorists.

Raghda Sawas

Two Turkish lawyers go on hunger strike protesting against Erdogan's regime practices

Ankara, (ST) - Lawyer Aytag Onal and Attorney Abru Temtek announced an open-ended hunger strike last night protesting against human rights violations targeting various groups of the Turkish people who are subjected to the most heinous policies and to political, social and psychological persecution by the Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime.

A statement issued by the Association of "Progressive Jurists" and the Turkish People's Lawyers' Office explained that Temtek and Onal decided to go on this open strike to demand the release of the president of the association, Selcuk Kuzcıgli, and the seven members of the Association administrative body who were arrested after the court sentenced them and 12 other lawyers from the association members to prison for different periods.

The International Law Day calls on all human rights organizations in the world to take a solidarity stance with the detained Turkish lawyers "who pay the price for opposing Erdogan's authoritarian and anti-democratic policies."

Lawyers Onal and Temtek strike comes two days after the death of Turkish singer Helen Polak who went on a hunger strike that lasted about 300 days.

These strikes and calls are to protest against the repressive practices by Erdogan's regime and have had no response from him. The matter makes the suffering of detainees and opponents in his prisons continue to this day.

Raghda Sawas

Saudi aggression targets Taiz Governorate

SANA'A, (ST) - A Yemeni citizen was killed by the bombing of the mercenaries of the Saudi aggression on Taiz Governorate, south of the capital, Sana'a.

The mercenaries of the Saudi aggression targeted the Al-Selal neighborhood with missiles causing the death of a citizen, al-Masirah website said.

A woman was martyred and her daughter was injured at the end of last January as a result of artillery shelling by mercenaries on their house in the village of al-Rukab in Islet al-Hashma, the village is in Taiz Governorate.

 Raghda Sawas

Chernogorsk calls on the European Union to lift the coercive economic measures imposed on Syria

Bratislava, (ST) - Former Slovak Prime Minister Jan Chernogorsk called on the European Union to lift unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria.

"The European Union's continued enforcement of these measures represents a manifestation of the Union's subordination to American policies," Chernogorsk told a SANA correspondent in Prague today.

The Slovak Rep. Lubos Blaha described in a statement to SANA the continued imposition of coercive economic measures on Syria as a "crime against humanity", stressing the need to lift them immediately.

Raghda Sawas

Occupation forces arrest three Palestinians in Jenin

Occupied al-Quds, (ST) - The Israeli occupation forces arrested three Palestinians in the West Bank city of Jenin.

Wafa News Agency reported that the occupation forces stormed the towns of Arabeh and Yabad, southwest of Jenin, and arrested three Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation forces continue their aggressive practices against the Palestinians by restricting them, raiding Palestinian cities and villages, and launching daily arrest campaigns with the aim of displacing them, seizing their lands, and judaizing them.

Raghda Sawas