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Iraqi PM: "We didn't give US occupation forces withdrawing from Syria the permission to stay in Iraq

BAGHDAD, (ST)- Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abdul Mahdi has affirmed that his country didn't give the US occupation forces withdrawing from the Syrian territories the permission to stay in Iraq, contrary to what some media outlet have reported.

A statement issued by the Iraqi premier's office said on Wednesday that the presence of foreign troops in Iraq should be approved by the Iraqi government and this presence should end when Baghdad asks for that.

The Iranian Presidency reiterates its commitment to the territorial integrity of Syria

Tehran, (ST) - The Iranian presidency reiterated the need to commit to the territorial integrity of Syria.

"The stance of Iran is clear regarding the crisis in Syria," President Mahmoud Waezey office said, adding that "the territorial integrity of Syria must be preserved."

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has stressed its rejection of the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories, calling for respect for Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Erdogan's cooperation with terrorists in Syria a flagrant violation of international law: CHP

Ankara, (ST) - Vice President of the Republican People's Party, Onal Gavikuz, said that the cooperation of the President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan with terrorists in Syria is a flagrant violation of international laws and proves his contradictory policies in Syria.

"While Erdogan claims that he is seeking to address some issues in Syria, at the same time he continues to cooperate with the terrorists, which perpetuates his contradictory policies toward the country," Javikoz said at the parliament meeting.

Paralysis of Roads continues in Lebanon

Complete paralysis of roads for the seventh day consecutively due to the ongoing protests because of deteriorating living conditions.

A number of protesters cut off the Kfar Hazir highway towards Chekka with earth mounds completely and the international road from Marjayoun to Bekaa in Hasbaya in the western Bekaa.,

China strongly refuses to exploit Washington's human rights issue to interfere in its affairs

China's Permanent Representative to the UN  Zhang Jiun voiced his country firm rejection of  the US attempts to exploit the human rights issue by interfering  in China’s  internal affairs.

"Some countries create trouble everywhere, plan to provoke revolutions and seriously violate the rights of the peoples of those countries concerned without showing any regret for their terrible violation of human rights", Zhang told the UN General Assembly's Third Committee, which is also known as the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, calling on these states to “do more self-reflection and clean up their dismal record rather than create trouble.”