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Ryabkov: Russia's attitude towards Washington has not changed after Bolton's resignation

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced that there are no expectations after the resignation of US National Security Adviser John Bolton, because “traditional changes in the US administration will not lead to normalization of relations with Russia".

“We have no firm estimates for this event because it is purely an internal affair of  the United States… We have repeatedly noted that changes within the US administration do not lead to improvement in relations or normalization with Russia and this contradicts statements made by senior representatives of the administration  itself.", Ryabkov told Sputnik today.

"Our stance is the same and we judge by actions, not by allegations or intention," Ryabkov added.

The Russian presidency said yesterday that Bolton's resignation was an "internal affair" of the United States

US President Donald Trump announced yesterday the dissmisal of his national security adviser because he "strongly disagrees with his stances", but Bolton denied that and stressed that he had submitted his resignation himself

Such resignations in Trump's administration reflect the extent of disagreements about dealing with domestic issues, foreign policy, and how to deal with international crises.