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China strongly refuses to exploit Washington's human rights issue to interfere in its affairs

China's Permanent Representative to the UN  Zhang Jiun voiced his country firm rejection of  the US attempts to exploit the human rights issue by interfering  in China’s  internal affairs.

"Some countries create trouble everywhere, plan to provoke revolutions and seriously violate the rights of the peoples of those countries concerned without showing any regret for their terrible violation of human rights", Zhang told the UN General Assembly's Third Committee, which is also known as the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, calling on these states to “do more self-reflection and clean up their dismal record rather than create trouble.”

"China urges the relevant countries to stop the politicization and double standard policy, and to stop interfering in its internal affairs and return to the right track of dialogue and cooperation", Zhang added.

Responding to recent accusations against China by the United States and other countries regarding the Xinjiang and Hong Kong issues, Zhang said the accusations were "false and illegal and aimed at interfering in China's internal affairs under the pretext of human rights and provoking confrontation at the United Nations".


Inas Abdulkarem