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Erdogan's cooperation with terrorists in Syria a flagrant violation of international law: CHP

Ankara, (ST) - Vice President of the Republican People's Party, Onal Gavikuz, said that the cooperation of the President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan with terrorists in Syria is a flagrant violation of international laws and proves his contradictory policies in Syria.

"While Erdogan claims that he is seeking to address some issues in Syria, at the same time he continues to cooperate with the terrorists, which perpetuates his contradictory policies toward the country," Javikoz said at the parliament meeting.

"It is time for Ankara to reconsider its overall foreign policies, especially with neighboring countries, and seek to address all its problems through coordination and direct cooperation with these countries," said Javicuz.

The Turkish regime is launching an aggression against a number of towns, villages and towns in the countryside of Al-Hasakah and Raqqa, which has resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of civilians, including children, women and workers in the service sectors, and significant material damage in important service facilities and infrastructure.

Erdogan regime authorities issue arrest warrants for 61 peopl

In another development, authorities of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime have issued arrest warrants for 61 people, including police under the pretext of their connection to the July 2016 coup attempt.

"Turkish prosecutors in Izmir have issued arrest warrants for 20 people, including police officers, for using Bayluk messaging," the Anatolia news agency quoted judicial sources as saying the Correspondent.

In Kayseri, prosecutors issued arrest warrants for 41 people under the pretext of links to Gulen, the sources said.

Erdogan's regime continues to crack down on its opponents in various cities and regions of Turkey, where thousands of civilians and military personnel have been arrested over the past years, as well as the dismissal or suspension of work against about 150 thousand workers in the government, the military, the judiciary, education and other institutions.

Raghda Sawas