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Iraqi PM: "We didn't give US occupation forces withdrawing from Syria the permission to stay in Iraq

BAGHDAD, (ST)- Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abdul Mahdi has affirmed that his country didn't give the US occupation forces withdrawing from the Syrian territories the permission to stay in Iraq, contrary to what some media outlet have reported.

A statement issued by the Iraqi premier's office said on Wednesday that the presence of foreign troops in Iraq should be approved by the Iraqi government and this presence should end when Baghdad asks for that.

 "We have issued an official statement in this regard and we are adopting all the international legal procedures to deal with this situation. We call on the international community and the United Nations to play their role in this respect," the prime minister's office said.

Earlier, President Barham Saleh of Iraq said that the Iraqi people unanimously reject the American military presence in Iraq.

Hamda Mustafa