Algeria announces : Abdelmadjid Tebboune wins the Presidential Elections

President of the Independent National  Authority for the Organization of Elections in Algeria, Mohamed Charfi, announced that Abdelmadjid  Tebboune  won the presidential elections from  the first stage, according to preliminary results, with 58.15 % of the vote.

Earlier,  Algerian Press Service ( APS)  quoted Charfi as saying during a press conference that "significant" participation rates were recorded in yesterday's presidential elections in the country.

Charfi added: “The total percentage of participation in the polling after the closing of the offices was 39.93 percent,” explaining that the number of voters amounted to 9.692.077 with a national participation rate of 41.14 %.  As for  the participation of the Algerian community abroad, it reached 8.69 %.

 Charfi stated that several states recorded a participation rate of more than 50 %.

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