Demonstrations Continue in Lebanon

Protests,  sit-ins,  and road blocking continued on Friday  in some Lebanese regions in demand  for a speedy government formation  the improvement of the deteriorating living conditions  and  combatting   corruption.

Many streets of Beirut and its suburbs witnessed protest actions and the closure of many roads, as protesters erected tents on the “ Ring”  Bridge  after they had roamed  Al- Hamra Street,  where they  broke the doors of banking shops and threw Molotov cocktails .

Traffic was cut on the Dora Highway and at the intersection of Burj Al Ghazal in Beirut   after protesters   had closed the Zouk Mosbeh Highway with burning tires.   while the Halba highway in Akkar is still cut off  by dirt, iron and plastic obstructions, barrels and tires.


In Tripoli, the traffic control room reported that the protestors closed  the streets of Halba Square , Al Mania Highway, Arman Square, Tripoli Square, Palma Bridge, and Talbaya roads and Ksara in the Bekaa.

 The traffic on the Jiyeh highway to the south of Lebanon was cut off, as protesters in Al-Matn crossed the Mansourieh and Al-Matn highway with burning tires. In  Aleeh  the international road was closed at the intersection of the town of Al-Abadiyah towards Beirut, while the Lebanese army opened the road to Elia roundabout in Sidon.

 Lebanon has been  witnessing  demonstrations and protest actions since last October the 17th  calling for the improvement of living conditions and combatting  corruption.

Rawaa Ghanam