Erdogan admits conveying terrorists from Idleb to Libya

Istanbul (ST): President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyeb Erdogan admitted that he sent mercenary terrorists from Idleb and the Syrian north to Libya along with Turkish soldiers.

France Press Agency quoted Erdogan as saying in a statement he made in Istanbul today that these soldiers and terrorists were sent there for training.

Earlier, commander of the Libyan army General Kalifa Haftar said that the Turkish regime continued to convey mercenary terrorists from northern Syria to Libya exploiting the interim ceasefire in the country in a flagrant violation of the resolutions issued by Berlin international conference which affirmed the necessity of halting foreign interference in Libya's internal affairs.

Meanwhile, Libyan Foreign Minister Abdul Hadi al-Huwaij stressed that this regime is hindering durable ceasefire in the country because he continued to bring terrorists to Libya  and support them.