Czechoslovakian academic: The presence of foreign forces in Syria without the approval of its government is occupation

The foreign forces that exist in Syrian territories are occupation forces,  Head of the Czechoslovak International Relations Institute Yaromir Chalabata stressed today, noting that Syria has the right to defend its sovereignty and restore stability and security to its lands by all means.

In a statement to SANA correspondent, Chalabata said that these forces that entered parts of Syrian lands without the approval of the Syrian legitimate government are considered by international law as occupation forces.

Chalabata pointed out that Syria is a central country at the  regional and international arena, and its stability is an important factor in achieving international peace and security, calling for the need to stand beside Syria and support the steps it takes to confront terrorism.

Syria, with its people, army and leadership, is respected and appreciated by all the progressive forces in the world because it is fighting a war against terrorism on behalf of everyone, Chalabbata said.

On his part, the Czech scientific researcher Vlasta Havelka underlined the importance of stopping all forms of external intervention in Syria and imposing the most severe punishment on the countries of the occupation forces that illegally exist in the Syrian territories.

He condemned the Turkish aggression on the city of Idlib.

Havelka also pointed out that the illegal foreign presence is the main cause of instability in the Middle East, noting that the wars that the United States started in this region and elsewhere in the world aim at serving its own interests.

Inas Abdulkareem