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Czech ministers: Israeli occupation's plan to annex parts of the West Bank undermines establishing an independent Palestinian state

PRAGUE, (ST)- Czech Ministers of Culture and Foreign Affairs Laubomír Zaorálek and Tomáš Petříček and the former Czech Foreign Minister Karl Schwarzenberg  have stressed that the Israeli occupation plan to annex parts of the West Bank is a flagrant violation of international law.

In an article published by the Czech  "BRAVO" newspaper on Monday, the three officials confirmed that the annexation of West Bank areas by the Israeli occupation undermines the possibility of establishing an independent Palestinian state. They indicated that the "two-state solution" are taken into consideration in international agreements, United Nations resolutions and also according to the perceptions of the foreign policy of the Czech Republic.

The announcement by the Israeli occupation authorities of a plan to annex parts of the West Bank next July has been met with widespread disapproval from the international community.

 The ambassadors of European countries - Britain, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Belgium in addition to the European Union ambassador have submitted a formal protest to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which they affirmed that annexing any part of the West Bank constitutes a clear violation of international law and will have a very serious impact on stability in the region.

Also, 130 British deputies from different parties have sent a letter to UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging him to impose sanctions on "Israel" if it annexes West Bank areas.

Hamda Mustafa