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Jordanian Council for Popular Policies: Syria's Steadfastness Has Safeguarded the Region

The Jordanian Council for Popular Policies has affirmed that through  Syria’s steadfastness and the sacrifices of its people and army, it has safeguarded the entire region, including Jordan, from the crimes and expansion of terrorism.

During a meeting with the Charge d'Affaires of the Syrian Embassy in Amman, Dr. Shafiq Dayoub, the speaker of the Council retired Brigadier General Sami al-Majali, accompanied with a delegation of the Council’s members to the embassy building, stated that “what Syria is exposed to affects Jordan at the core”. The members praised Syria’s steadfastness and stressed their support for it in the face of the unjust war, and the challenge imposed by the US so-called Caesar Act which reveals the true ugly face of the United States.


In turn, Dr. Dayoub gave a detailed review of the latest developments in Syria, stating that the Syrian government has taken appropriate measures to limit the effects of this unjust Act on the Syrian people, as it solidifies the mutual work towards the same goal with its allies and friends.

Dr. Dayoub pointed out that Syria has long been subjected to unilateral coercive measures by Western countries, and has consistently succeeded in overcoming their effects, noting that Caesar Act shall not prove different; asserting that any improvement in relations between Amman and Damascus shall ultimately serve the interests of the two countries and their brotherly peoples.

Following the meeting, al-Majali stated that the visit to the Syrian embassy in Amman aims to reiterate the solidarity with the Syrian people while facing the Caesar Act, which is literally a true representative to the US culture in its worst forms, especially as the facts refute the US allegations and confirm that this unfair Act is enacted verily against the Syrian people. The actions of the US administration, al-Majali went on to say, have always  targeted the people by burning grain crops, stealing gas and oil, bombing civilians, and obstructing any political solution to the crisis in Syria. Al-Majali noted that Jordan and its people are also affected by this Act and its repercussions.


Rayan Faouri