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China rejects Israel’s endeavors to annex parts of West Bank - ambassador

China rejects Israel’s endeavors to annex large swaths of the territories of the State of Palestine - the territories designated to be part of the future Palestinian state, today said a Chinese diplomat.

In an interview with the Palestine News & Information Agency (WAFA), Chinese ambassador to Palestine Guo Wei asserted his country’s rejection of Israel's plan to annex part of the occupied West Bank lands and of any unilateral measures that undermine peace and stability.

He reiterated Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s call at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)’s video conference for a just and comprehensive solution to the Question of Palestine and stress on the centrality of the Palestinian question.

“The Palestine issue has always been at the core of the Middle East issue and a just and reasonable solution is a prerequisite for the region's lasting peace and security,” Wang said during the UNSC virtual meeting, and added that China was deeply concerned about the continuing tension between Palestine and the Israeli occupation authority

He called for commitment to peace talks as a strategic choice and the need to build on the outcomes of previous talks and refrain from any actions that risk inflaming tensions.

He urged the international community, particularly influential states, to continue to support the Palestinian question and place it at the core of the international agenda as well as to take an objective and fair stance and make sincere and real efforts for advancing the Middle East peace process.

Source: WAFA