Russia says that humanitarian aid must be delivered to Syria in coordination with Damascus

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin affirmed on Monday that the issue of humanitarian aid to Syria mustn’t be politicized and that aid must be delivered in coordination with its legitimate government.

In statements to journalists, Vershinin said that sending humanitarian aid to different areas in Syria is being implemented successfully by the Syrian government, calling on all parties to continue sending humanitarian aid to all Syrians without exception and to increase its amount.

"A single crossing point for delivering aid is enough and it should not be a cause for concern by anyone," Vershinin  added, pointing out that the main task now is to alleviate the suffering of the people of Syria.

Three days ago, the UN Security Council adopted a draft resolution on the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria through one border crossing for one year.

The UN Security Council adopted Resolution No. 2165, which authorized the humanitarian convoys heading to Syria to cross the border on July 14, 2014, after which   Syria confirmed that the humanitarian side constitutes one of the most important aspects of the crisis.  Syria also adopted new mechanisms and initiatives to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to its people in need as it welcomed all previous efforts to help Syria reduce this humanitarian burden on the Syrian people. But all procedures will not be able to ease the suffering of the Syrian people, unless the radical causes of the Syrian crisis- which are represented in terrorism and the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the sponsoring governments on the Syrian people- are addressed.

Basma Qaddour