Mousavi : Syrian-Iranian cooperation will continue

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi has asserted that Syria and Iran have had comprehensive relations for a long time.

Talking about the recent military agreement between Iran and Syria in a press conference held on Monday, Mousavi said: "Military cooperation with Syria is not new. We have had comprehensive relations with Syria for a long time, and this cooperation has been growing almost since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution."

"This cooperation is important in the new era in which the Syrian government and people are facing attacks and terrorist acts led by regional and super-regional powers…The agreements and extensive political, military and economic cooperation will continue until the end of terrorist groups' occupation of Syrian areas," Mousavi added.

Concerning the forthcoming US presidential elections, he said it is not important who takes office in the White House, it is important how they behave towards the Iranian people.

Different people and parties have showed animosity toward the people of Iran; we never forget that President Obama imposed the sanctions and President Trump continued them.

Basma Qaddour