Babacan: Turkey has entered into a dark tunnel due to Erdogan's policies

Chairman of the Turkish Democracy and Progress Party Ali Babacan has blamed the Turkish regime's head Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the current financial and economic crises in Turkey and for the deteriorating relations with all world countries.

He asserted that his country has entered into a dark tunnel because of the foreign policies of the Turkish regime's head, especially towards Syria and Libya.

On July 7, 2020 Turkish lawyers, members of the Bar Association, continue their symbolic protests in front of the Turkish Parliament after the approval of the “Justice Committee” in Parliament on the articles of a law that proposes amendments to the mechanism of work of their union and its internal system, in preparation for approval later within a law that Erdogan will sign before publishing it in the official newspaper, to enter into effect.

In another development, the Turkish regime's authorities have issued arrest warrants for 24 people suspected of having links to the Fetullah Organization, the group that was accused of being behind the 2016 coup in Turkey, Anadolu Agency reported on Wednesday.

The warrants for the suspects who were found to be using ByLock, the terror group’s encrypted smartphone messaging app, and contacting terror affiliates via pay phone, were issued in the southern Adana province after prosecutors sought their arrest as part of an investigation into the Fetullah Organization.

Basma Qaddour