Austria: The Turkish regime is not a reliable partner for Europe

Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg has criticized the policies of the Turkish regime, calling on European Union countries to rethink their relations with Ankara.

“ If we look at the Turkish policy in Libya and Syria and changing the status of the HagiaSophia Cathedral, all of this makes it necessary for us in Europe to rethink relations with Ankara,” Schallenberg told reporters in Brussels on the sidelines of a meeting of foreign ministers of European Union countries on July 13.

Schallenberg said : “ Turkey is simply not a reliable partner for Europe, and its entry  negotiations to the European Union, which must be firmly determined, must be stopped.”


Austria has criticized the decision of the Turkish regime to convert the Hagia SophiaCathedral to a mosque, describing it as another step takesTurkey away from Europe.


O. al-Mohammad