Iran Top Leader Khamenei: US sanctions and embargoes imposed on Iranian people are “ grave crime”

Iran’s Supreme leader  Ayatollah  Seyyid Ali Khamenei  has stressed that  the US sanctions and embargoes imposed on Iran are  a major crime aimed at undermining the  steadfastness of the Iranian people. 

He  stressed  that these practices will fail and the people will win in the end.

“The sanctions the American have exerted against the Iranian nation are for sure a grave crime”   Khamenei said in a televised speech on Friday  on the occasion of the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha. 


“ in short term ,   the United States  pressure  aims to exhaust and disturb the Iranian nation and to make the nation stand against the Islamic establishments “ he noted. 

US next major goal is to prevent Iran’s development through sanctions, the Iranian top leader added. 

Khamenei  stressed  the necessity of mobilizing   all energies, especially in scientific issues  to counter  the enemy’s  plans. 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that one of Iran's most important achievements in facing sanctions is the separation of the economy from oil where the ban was used for self-reliance. 

Khamenei stressed the need not to trust the promises of other countries, because the Europeans did nothing and did not fulfill their promises, indicating that the  INSTEX  mechanism of trade exchange has no value and is of no use.. 

“ the United States seeks to pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear industry, reduce its defensive capability and give up its regional influence “ Khamenei concluded. 

Rawaa Ghanam