Lebanese President: International investigation into Beirut explosion is waste of time

Beirut (ST): Lebanese President Michael Oun has affirmed that demanding  an international investigation into the explosion at Beirut Port is a waste of time, stressing the necessity of achieving justice and unveiling facts through the investigation currently being conducted.

In a press statement, Oun said that truth is the objective, noting that the aim of demanding an international investigation is to dilute the truth denying that this issue was discussed during his talks with the French President Emanuel Macron.

The Lebanese President pledged that the courts would be open for all at equal footing to testify in the case of the explosion.

In reply to a question about the abstention from arresting any of the former ministers or officials, President Oun said that this issue requires more time, pointing out that the interrogation started with 20 officials. 

Meanwhile, the Lebanese General Prosecutor Judge Ghassan Oweidat asked the Lebanese army command and the National Centre for Geophysics to determine if there was a flight for Israeli warplanes in the Lebanese airspace at the time of the explosion.