Protests in downtown Beirut over deadly port explosion, Lebanese army calls for restraint

BEIRUT, (ST)- Mass protests have erupted in downtown Beirut over the deadly explosion that rocked Beirut Port last Tuesday.

According to the Lebanese National News Agency, riot police and security forces fired tear gas bombs in the vicinity of the Lebanese Parliament to disperse the protestors who have tried to force their way by attacking barricades in a street leading to the parliament.

The Lebanese army called on the angry protestors to maintain the peace.

The army command posted a tweet, sympathizing with the demonstrators, but urging them to exercise restraint.

"The public have to adhere to the peaceful means of protest," the tweet said, calling on the angry public to refrain from blocking the roads and causing damage to public and private property.

 The army reminded the protestors that the Tuesday tragedy caused the martyrdom of many army personnel.

At least 150 people were martyred and thousands others were wounded in the Beirut Port blast.

Hamda Mustafa