Iranian Foreign Ministry: Political blocs and foreign countries try to exploit the blast of Beirut port to achieve their political goals

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned about   attempts by political blocs and foreign countries to exploit the disaster of the blast in Beirut port to achieve their political goals.

In his weekly press conference today, the Ministry's spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, said: We must  consider in depth the Beirut explosion and find out its causes, especially since there are countries that claim to defend Lebanon's interests, warning against the attempt by some external parties to exploit the Lebanese protesters after the explosion to achieve political goals and purposes.


Mousavi pointed out that the incident was great and it is natural for people to be upset and there should be repercussions, but it is unacceptable for some individuals, groups and countries to make it an excuse to achieve goals with the instigation of foreign countries

Mousavi pointed out that his country has stood by the side of Lebanon, its people and government since the early hours of the explosion.

The number of victims of the Beirut port explosion, which occurred last Tuesday, reached 158 martyrs and more than 6 thousand wounded.


Inas Abndulkareem