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Zakharova: US Illegal extraction of Syrian oil is akin to looting and is a violation of Syria’s sovereignty

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said that the illegal extraction of Syrian oil and smuggling it with the help of the US, constitutes the looting of the natural resources of Syria and an aggression on the State’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
“The situation in north-east of Syria is deteriorating because of the escalation of ISIS terrorists' acts and the increasing number in the coronavirus infections there, not to mention the oil looting as Washington has excluded the areas which are not under the control of the Syrian state from US sanctions in order to facilitate smuggling it,” Zakharova said in a weekly press conference.
She added that the situation in the majority of Syria is stable, except for those regions where terrorists are spread, referring to the terrorists’ escalation of their aggression on the Syrian army sites in the surrounding areas.
As for the recent political developments in Lebanon, Zakharova said that Russia considers what is going on in Lebanon as an internal affair and it supports the unity and sovereignty of Lebanon. 
She called on external players and donors not to politicize the issue of aid to Lebanon. 
Basma Qaddour