Two US Senators demand that Washington imposes sanctions on Ankara

Washington (ST): Two US senators have demanded that the  US State Department impose sanctions on Turkey because of its provocative and illegal acts to the east of the Mediterranean.

The National Herald Newspaper said that democratic senators Robert Menendez and Chris Van Hollen delivered a message to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanding from him to put pressure on Ankara to make it pull out its ships from the territorial water of the Mediterranean, especially after sending warships to the Greek economic area to dig for oil and gas.

The two senators added in their message that the failure of the US to behave in a decisive way at this critical time would encourage Ankara to aggravate the situation, calling on the US to take the appropriate measures and make Ankara pull out its warships and commit to international law.

They also urged their government to coordinate with the EU to respond to the Turkish provocative and illegal acts and put forward a comprehensive plan to impose sanctions on Turkey.