The Iranian Foreign Ministry: Washington must stop its methods of bullying

Iran has affirmed that the US administration’s allegations regarding the return of the UN sanctions on Tehran are nothing more than a farce, calling on Washington to stop the terrorist embargo measures and respect international laws and conventions.

 “ Trump's failed policies will lead to the defeat of America in the world and its European partners know this, as it is living in isolation and practicing bullying and arrogance,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatib Zadeh said during a press conference on September 20.


Khatib Zadeh said that what US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said about the sanctions is nothing more than a TV show, as he lives in an imaginary world and expects others to factualize  it.

Khatib Zadeh stressed that all the signatory countries to the nuclear agreement must abide by their obligations.

Khatib Zadeh said that Iran reserves its right to respond to any possible inspections of its ships and planes, stressing that the United States has no choice but to halt terrorist measures and respect international laws and conventions.

Khatib Zadeh added that the first victim of the policies of US President Donald Trump and his international partners is the United States itself, which has become weak and very isolated in its recent decisions.

Khatib Zadeh said that the time of bandits is over and our response will be decisive against every decision that affects Iran's independence and sovereignty.

O. al-Mohammad