ICSFT calls for lifting unilateral sanctions on Syria

The International Council Supporting Fair Trial and Human Rights (ICSFT) has reiterated that the unilateral sanctions being imposed on Syria by the United States and the European Union is a crime against the people of Syria and contradicts all international charters.

The council said in its statement during the 45 session of Human Rights Council in Geneva that the sanctions on Syria badly affected the livelihood of the Syrian people, economy and health sector amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

"During the 43 session of Human Right Council, it was approved that the unilateral measures contradict international law, human international law, UN charter and rules and principles of peaceful relations between countries," the statement added.

It called on the Council's member states and UN agencies to adopt serious steps to lift the unilateral sanctions and to avoid using economic and political measures to put pressure on sovereign states.

Basma Qaddour