Haridi: The Turkish regime and the United States are committing crimes in Syria

Cairo,(ST)-Former Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister Ambassador Hussein Haridi denounced the war crimes committed by the Turkish and American occupations in the Syrian territories, stressing that cutting off the drinking water supply of the people of Hasaka is a crime against humanity.

In a statement to SANA's correspondent in Cairo today, Haridi stressed that the Turkish occupation in northwestern Syria would not have occurred had it not been given a go from the American administration, referring to the Turkish regime and the American administration's agreement to violate the rules and charter of the United Nations in a flagrant manner through their practices and their targeting of Syria.

Haridi stressed that the crimes of the Turkish regime and its blatant interference in Syria's internal affairs since 2011 until today constitute a violation of all the foundations on which international relations were built after World War II, which confirms the opportunism of Turkish policies.

Haridi stressed that the Turkish regime is committing war crimes against humanity in Syria, noting that its decision to cut  the drinking water of the people of Hasaka constitutes an international crime by all standards.

Haifaa Mafalani