The presence of Turkish forces on the Syrian and Iraqi lands undermines the security of the region, says Zarif

Moscow, (ST) - The Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, affirmed that the policy pursued by the Turkish regime with the presence of its forces in the countries of Syria and Iraq does not help it in protecting its security, but rather undermines the security of the entire region.

In an interview with Sputnik, Zarif said that the Turkish presence in the territories of neighboring countries does not guarantee Turkey's security, but rather violates the security of the region, and that the best way to ensure this security is to deploy Syrian and Iraqi forces on the borders.

In another context, Zarif stressed that the United States should return to the nuclear agreement with Iran as a first step to restore contacts with his country, explaining that Washington must compensate for the damage it has caused to the Iranian people as a result of its policies and measures taken to torpedo the nuclear agreement and pledge not to do so again.

In response to a question about the US presidential elections, Zarif said that, "we do not care who is in the White House, but we care about American policy which seems to be based on withdrawal from international agreements."

Zarif stressed that the US sanctions constitute a serious obstacle to international cooperation, which makes them an illegal and unacceptable act. He added that “Iran's cooperation continues with neighboring countries and will continue and it is possible that some of the obstacles placed by the United States have slowed down the progress of this cooperation, but we are committed to it.”

Zarif pointed out that Iran has reached a kind of self-sufficiency in the field of defense armament, and said that Tehran is cooperating with Moscow and other countries to meet its needs in the fields of armament, as the two sides have held very good talks on military cooperation, and we will continue these talks.

On the other hand, Zarif called in a speech before the meeting of foreign ministers of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia, which was held virtually to confront the destructive effects of coercive and unilateral measures in the field of combating Corona virus, considering that such measures absolutely constitute economic and medical terrorism.

Raghda Sawas