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The solution to the crisis in Syria is political, says Lavrov

Moscow, (ST) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated the necessity of solving the crisis in Syria politically in accordance with UN Resolution 2254 through a Syrian-Syrian dialogue and without external interference.

Lavrov indicated at the start of his meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Muhammad Javad Zarif in Moscow today that, attention will be paid to resolving the crisis in Syria and the initiatives taken within the framework of the Astana process, in accordance with Resolution 2254.

UN Resolution 2254, issued in December 2015, affirms that the Syrians are the ones who determine the future of their country on their own, without any external interference, and that terrorist organizations are outside any political process.

Lavrov made it clear that cooperation and exchange of views between Russia and Iran should be done to face the political challenges, especially in the United Nations and to prevent attempts to torpedo international law.

The Iranian Foreign MinisterMuhammad Javad Zarif affirmed that the relations between Russia and Iran are serious and in continuous development, appreciating Russia's constructive and serious role in the international arena and its stances in the Security Council and its standing against unilateral measures by the United States on various arenas.

Raghda Sawas