Russian FM: Reports issued by OPCW about Syria biased & politicized

Moscow (ST): The Russian Foreign Ministry has criticized reports issued by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) concerning the alleged chemical attacks in Syria, affirming that the Organization has shown its politicization and bias of these issues.

The Russian Foreign ministry said in a statement that the activities made by the fact-finding committee on the allegations of using chemical weapons in Syria won’t rise to the level of the professional and impartial investigation with strict commitment to all items of the chemical weapons convention.

It added that the OPCW usually conducts its investigation remotely without visiting the sites, adding that the main information source of the fact finding committee is social media outlets and nongovernmental organizations connected to terrorist groups operating in Syria.

Earlier, the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakarova said that the OPCW was procrastinating in investigating into chemical attacks launched by terrorist organizations under various pretexts.