Russian officials: Terrorists’ provocative chemical attacks in Syria are doomed to failure

Moscow (ST): Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Council, Pyotr Tolstoy, stressed that the recurrent terrorists’ provocations by using chemical weapons in Syria and their attempts to mislead world public opinion have become disclosed to all.

In an interview with a news correspondent in Moscow, Tolstoy said that the terrorists who try to cheat the international community through media terrorism and recurrent provocations in Syria will receive suitable punishment.

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs’ Committee at the Russian State Duma council , Leonid Slutsky, affirmed that manipulation in the chemical weapons file has been taking place for a long time, adding that any provocations in this regard to accuse the Syrian state are doomed to failure.

Slutsky added that the terrorists, who are stationed in Idleb, have been trying to carry out provocations using poisonous materials to turn the world public opinion against Syria, referring in this context to the Turkish regime’s attempts to cover up terrorist organizations in Idleb, such as Al-Nosra Front and others.

In turn, President of the Federal Agency for International Cooperation Yefgini Primakov said that the recurrent terrorist chemical attacks indicate foolishness, noting that Russia has disclosed these fabrications by giving irrefutable evidence.