The Israeli occupation forces demolish a house in occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces stormed a residential compound in occupied Jerusalem and demolished a house.

Wafa news agency reported that the occupation forces stormed, with a number of bulldozers, the Bedouin valley of Abu Hindi, located between the city of Jerusalem and the town of Al-Eizariya, and demolished a house and displaced its residents.

In the context of implementing its aggressive Judaization plans, the occupation forces are escalating the demolition of Palestinian homes and properties in the West Bank, especially occupied Jerusalem, in light of the international community's disregard for Palestinian demands for urgent intervention to stop the demolitions and the implementation of UN Resolution 2334, which demands an immediate cessation of settlements.


A number of Palestinians suffocated as a result of the Israeli occupation forces' assault on them during their storming of the town of Jaba, south of Jenin in the West Bank.

Wafa news agency reported that the occupation forces stormed the town and fired poison gas bombs at the Palestinians, which resulted in the suffocation of a number of them.

Thus the occupying forces continue their attacks on Palestinians, their lands and properties in their cities and villages, with the aim of displacing them, seizing their lands and judaizing them.

In addition, the occupation forces arrested five Palestinians in separate areas of the West Bank.

Wafa news agency reported that the occupation forces stormed towns and villages in occupied Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah and Salfit, and raided Palestinian homes, searched them, and arrested five of them.

Sanaa Hasan