Russia’s representative to UN: Some Western parties are still trying to protect terrorists in Syria

Russia's representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia confirmed that some Western countries are continuing to protect terrorists in Syria.

“Representatives of some western countries still insist on relying on newspaper reports of dubious credibility to find out what is happening in Syria and to cite it during the meeting of the UN Security Council, “ Russia Today quoted Nebenzia as saying, in response to the speech of his German counterpart in the Security Council, Christoph Heusgen, in which he relied on alleged reports from the American New York Times daily  about civilian casualties in Idlib.


"We are not surprised that today you used this source of information," Nebenzia added, noting that Russia has repeatedly commented on articles by the New York Times and spreading false information about the situation in Russia.

Nebenzia was surprised by the repeated calls of some of his Western colleagues for a cease-fire in all parts of Syria, despite the fact that all the military operations that take place in it are to combat terrorism. He wondered about which side they are trying to protect through these calls.


Inas Abdulkareem