The American Embassy in Beirut fuels sedition among Lebanese people

The American embassy in Lebanon  fuels sedition again among the demonstrations and protests taking place in the capital, Beirut. It worked  to encourage the demonstrators to fuel their protests, which witness violence from time to time, in an effort to increase the tension of the situation in this country.

The incitement of the American embassy came in the context of two tweets on the social website Twitter, the first tweet says: “The Lebanese people have suffered a lot and deserve to have leaders who listen to them and change their paths to respond to popular demands of transparency and accountability” in an attempt to change the course of the livelihoods protests, while the other tweet says: “We support the right of the Lebanese people to demonstrate peacefully, and we encourage those concerned to refrain from violence.

Palestinian Foreign Ministry calls for providing International Protection for the Palestinian people

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, (ST) -  The Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Saturday renewed its call on the international community to break its silence and take urgent action to stop the Israeli occupation's crimes and provide international protection for the Palestinian people.

In a statement in Saturday, the ministry said that the American bias towards the Israeli occupation encourages this entity to commit more crimes against the Palestinians, the latest of which was the cold-blooded murder of Dalia Sammudi, 24, a mother of two children who was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces yesterday while trying to protect her children inside her house in Jenin, to the north of the occupied West Bank.

Protests in downtown Beirut over deadly port explosion, Lebanese army calls for restraint

BEIRUT, (ST)- Mass protests have erupted in downtown Beirut over the deadly explosion that rocked Beirut Port last Tuesday.

According to the Lebanese National News Agency, riot police and security forces fired tear gas bombs in the vicinity of the Lebanese Parliament to disperse the protestors who have tried to force their way by attacking barricades in a street leading to the parliament.

The Lebanese army called on the angry protestors to maintain the peace.

The army command posted a tweet, sympathizing with the demonstrators, but urging them to exercise restraint.

"The public have to adhere to the peaceful means of protest," the tweet said, calling on the angry public to refrain from blocking the roads and causing damage to public and private property.

National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlement: Israeli occupation presses ahead with its plan to annex West Bank areas

 The Palestinian Liberation Organization's (PLO) National Bureau for Defending the Land and Resisting Settlements has stressed that the Israeli occupation forces continue, with the complete support of the American administration, to violate the international law and expand settlement building activities in the West Bank, mainly in occupied al-Quds within the framework of implementing the occupation's plans to annex parts of the West Bank.

 In its weekly report, the Bureau said that the occupation's authorities announced a plan to establish a thousand new settlement units on the lands of al-Tur, Anata, al-Eizariya and abu Dis villages in occupied al-Quds, indicating that the plan will completely isolate the occupied East al-Quds area from the rest of the West Bank.

Moscow: Agreement between SDF militia and American firm to steal Syrian oil is part of Washington's violations of Syria's sovereignty, international law

 MOSCOW, (ST)- The Russian Foreign Ministry has stressed that the deal signed between the US-backed Kurdish militia called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and an American firm to steal Syrian oil is part of Washington's violations of Syria's sovereignty over its territories and of the rules of international law.

In a statement published on its website, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that within the framework of the agreement, the American side will provide two mobile oil refineries allegedly to reduce the damage that will be caused to the surrounding environment due to oil spills.

"We believe that there are repeated violations by Washington of the rules of  international law and international humanitarian law and its obligations being an occupying state .. Moreover, the American administration once again proves its disrespect for the UN Charter as well as the resolutions of the Security Council and the UN General Assembly that provide for respecting the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, a UN member state, ” the ministry's statement added.