Israeli forces of occupation arrest two Palestinians in Bethlehem

Occupied Jerusalem (ST):  Israeli forces of occupation detained today two Palestinians in the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank. 

WAFA news agency said that the occupation troops attacked the area of Mount Handazeh to the east of the city and al-Dheishe camp to the south of the city and arrested two young men.

Yesterday, the occupation troops arrested 11 Palestinians in the West Bank.


Russia: We will use nuclear weapons in case we are subjected to missile attack

Moscow: (ST): The General Command of the Russian Army and Armed Forces said that Russia would use nuclear weapons in case it is exposed to any missile attack.

In an article published by the Red Star newspaper affiliated to the  Russian Ministry of Defence, the writer said that any missile launched against Russia would be treated as nuclear if it is impossible to determine its kind.

The Russian military command added that it would receive information about the launching of any missile immediately and would determine the response, noting that Moscow had determined  the red lines that nobody should violate, otherwise the response would be appalling.

Armenia’s President says Turkish regime uses hostile language against Armenia

The President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian has asserted that the Turkish regime uses a hostile language in addressing Armenia, saying that such language has nothing to do with international relations and proves the Turkish regime’s intention to continue what it has done 105 years ago.

Saudi-led coalition kills over 20 children and a woman in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition perpetrated a new crime against Yemeni citizens in al-Jawf governorate, killing dozens of people. 
According to media reports, Saudi enemy's jets killed more than 20 children and a woman from Maatra tribe in stikes on Kheb and Shaef areas. 

Czech official calls for imposing siege on Israel in retaliation against its crimes

Member of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Czech-Moravian Trade Unions Gathering Martin Bis on Thursday said that the recent missile attack launched by the Israeli enemy on Syria represents the criminal nature of the Israeli policy.

In a statement to the correspondent of the Syrian News Agency (SANA) in Prague, Bis added that Israel has a Zionist and racist ideology and it violates human rights.