137 people killed, more than 5,000 injured in Beirut explosion

BEIRUT, (ST)_The Lebanese Minister of Health Hamad Hasan has announced that the death toll from the Beirut explosion hit 137 people while injuries number more than 5,000

He pointed out to the continuous communications with Arab countries and other friendly countries to ensure medical aid to Lebanon.

Lebanese Cabinet declares state of emergency and forms crisis cell

Beirut, (ST) - The Lebanese Cabinet decided today to declare a two-week state of emergency with the possibility of extending in light of the explosion that hit Beirut port yesterday, asking the military authority to assume responsibility for maintaining security.

Lebanese Minister of information, Manal Abdul Samad, said at a press conference that the Cabinet adopted the statement of the Higher Defense Council, particularly a declaration that Beirut is a disaster-stricken city in addition to forming a crisis cell to follow up this disaster on all levels and forming an Administrative Investigation Committee to investigate into the reasons behind the incident.

The Lebanese Cabinet decided to entrust the army and the High Relief Commission to survey the damages to compensate the affected according to the priority and pay the necessary compensation to the families of the martyrs. The cabinet provided funds for hospitals to treat the wounded in addition to mandating the High Relief Commission to secure shelters for families whose homes are no longer suitable for housing and open schools and hotels to receive citizens and request the Ministry of Public Works to take what is necessary in order to secure import and export operations through ports other than Beirut.

At least 100 dead and 4000 wounded, due to Beirut port explosion

Beirut, (ST) - Secretary-General of the Lebanese Red Cross, George Kettana announced that the death toll from a massive explosion that hit Beirut Port on Tuesday reached about 100 and  dozens still missing 

Kettana said in a televised speech that there are more than 4000 wounded person as a result of the explosion, some of them are in critical conditions, noting that a large number of hospitals have received the victims of the explosion and are working at full capacity.

The Director General of the Lebanese Civil Defense, General Raymond Khattar, announced that the rescue teams divided the port into groups in the survey operations and said that we "need help to remove the rubble through bulldozers and others."

Russia sends five planes to help remove the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion

Moscow, (ST) - The Russian Ministry of Emergencies announced that it has sent five planes to Lebanon to help eliminate the effects of the horrible explosion that occurred at Beirut Port yesterday.

Sputnik said, quoting the ministry in a statement that, "the five planes are part of the humanitarian aid that will be sent to Beirut to provide assistance and remove the effects of the port explosion. The planes will carry a mobile hospital, doctors, and workers from the rescue center, in addition to specialists from the Consumer Protection Authority, as well as laboratories to detect coronavirus, clothes and means of protection”.

Israeli enemy renews its violation of Lebanese airspace

Beirut, (ST The Israeli enemy aviation renewed its provocative violations of Lebanese airspace, carrying out  flights over a number of areas.

The Lebanese Army Command said in a statement issued today that "14 hostile Israeli enemy reconnaissance warplanes  violated Lebanese sovereignty carrying  out flights over the southern regions, Hasbaya, the Iqlim al-Tuffah, and the Western Bekaa, reaching all Lebanese regions before leaving towards the occupied Arab territories.