The Israeli occupation aircraft renews aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip

Today, the Israeli occupation aircraft renewed its aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip.

The occupation aircraft targeted the town of Al-Qarara, in the northeast of Khan Yunis south of the Gaza Strip, with two missiles, which resulted in material damage to Palestinian homes and properties, according to Wafa news agency.

The Israeli occupation forces daily attack Palestinian lands on the outskirts of the besieged Gaza Strip to deprive them of their cultivation in light of the unjust siege imposed on them for years.


Inas Abdulkreem  

Czech Parliamentarian: American and Turkish forces present on Syrian territories are occupiers

The Czech Parliamentarian in the European Parliament, Ivan David, criticized the lies that American and Turkish officials repeatedly promote about the situation in Syria, stressing that the American and Turkish forces present on the Syrian territories are occupiers and illegal.

In an article published on the website "Your Case" today, the MP stated that those who the Syrian army is fighting in Idlib are terrorists and most of them are foreign mercenaries brought by the intelligence of the Turkish regime from various countries of the world and to this day the Turkish regime supports, arms and supervises them.

He pointed out that the Turkish regime does not limit itself to its illegal practices in Syria, but rather increases tension in the Caucasus region, where it participates in military operations alongside Azerbaijan against Armenia and transports ISIS terrorists who had previously fought in Syria.


Inas Abdulkareem  

Lebanese Foreign Minister presents his resignation

On August 3, the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates  Nassif Hitti submitted his resignation .

According to the Lebanese National Media Agency, Hitti  visited the government offices and submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab.

Hitti said that he decided to resign from his post due to the inability to perform his duties in these fateful circumstances and in the absence of a vision for Lebanon in which he believes in a free, independent and active homeland in his Arab environment and in the world.

Hitti called on the government to reconsider several policies and practices in order to prioritize the country and the citizen.

It is noteworthy that since October 2019, Lebanon has witnessed popular protests calling for improving the living and financial conditions, ending corruption and holding the corrupt accountable.


O. al-Mohammad

Head of the Nasserite Party in Egypt: American crimes against Syria are a crime against humanity

The Head of the Arab Nasserite Party in Egypt Dr. Muhammad Abu El-Ela emphasized that the crimes committed by the United States against Syria are a crime against all humanity

He called for the withdrawal of the American and Turkish occupation forces from the Syrian lands.

“ Washington practices its crimes against Syria, the peoples and the free and sovereign states and seeks to impose its hegemony on all. And these interests coincided with the ambitions of the Turkish regime's president, Recep Erdogan, which made them partners in the crimes of the occupation of Syrian soil,”Abu Al-Ela said.

The Israeli occupation forces arrest two Palestinians in the West Bank

On August 2, the Israeli occupation forces arrested two Palestinians in the West Bank.

WAFA News Agency reported that the Israeli occupation forces raided the city of Hebron and arrested a Palestinian, while another was arrested while passing at the Container checkpoint, northeast of Bethlehem.

On August 1, the occupation forces arrested seven Palestinians in the cities of Hebron and Jenin in the West Bank.

O. al-Mohammad