Zarif: Western countries should stop financing terrorists

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called on Western countries, especially the United States, to stop financing and supporting terrorists.

“ The terrorists are spreading hate from their safe shelter in the United States and Europe, inciting murder and chaos, planning these attacks from there and declaring in all sincerity their responsibility for killing innocent Iranian civilians,” Zarif said in a Twitter post on August 2. 

Zarif pointed to the attempts of Western countries to whitewash the image of terrorist groups seeking to commit sabotage acts in Iran.

NUSS branch in Tehran: Victories against terrorism have been achieved due to army heroic deeds

Tehran (ST): The leadership of Iran branch for the National Union of Syrian Students affirmed that the great victories against terrorism were achieved thanks to the heroic deeds and steadfastness of the Syrian Arab army and its wise leadership.  

In a statement released today, NUSS branch in Tehran extended heartfelt congratulations to all members of the Syrian army members, the makers of victory who offer their blood for the sake of their homeland.

West Bank: A number of Palestinians injured by Israeli gunfire

Occupied Jerusalem (ST): A number of Palestinians were wounded this morning when the Israeli occupation troops attacked their village Zabouba to the west of Jenin in the West Bank for the second successive day.

WAFA News Agency said that the occupation forces attacked the village and used live ammunition and gas bombs against the Palestinians causing the suffocation of a number of them including four children.

Iran Top Leader Khamenei: US sanctions and embargoes imposed on Iranian people are “ grave crime”

Iran’s Supreme leader  Ayatollah  Seyyid Ali Khamenei  has stressed that  the US sanctions and embargoes imposed on Iran are  a major crime aimed at undermining the  steadfastness of the Iranian people. 

He  stressed  that these practices will fail and the people will win in the end.

“The sanctions the American have exerted against the Iranian nation are for sure a grave crime”   Khamenei said in a televised speech on Friday  on the occasion of the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha. 

Dozens of Palestinians injured during Israeli occupation forces assault in the West Bank

A number of Palestinians were injured  on Friday  as a result of the aggression  carried out by the Israeli occupation forces during their storming of the village of Zobuba, west of Jenin in the West Bank. 

Wafa News Agency reported that the occupation forces stormed the village ,  assaulted the Palestinians and  fired bullets and poison gas towards  them which resulted in  wounding a number of Palestinians..  

The Israeli occupation  forces continue their aggressive practices against the Palestinians by restricting ,  attacking them and raiding their cities and villages with the aim of displacing them as well as   seizing and judaizing  their lands . 

Rawaa Ghanam